Putting a working or spell together….

So where would you start.

Like anything, you can make it as complex as you like or as easy as you like.

For me and what I call my layering effect, I like to complicate it, my theory is, as hard as I make it, the more power it has and the harder it is to undo or penetrate.

Spells/working for me, is in general, protection or healing. Even in protection I am very cautious, I will set things up so that, what ever results to the perpetrator is a direct result of what they have done, not what I have done. (if that doesn’t make sense please ask for clarification.)

Where do I start. I start with my tools, what will I need, the makings of a basic circle or protection. Then I would gather, crystals, candles, ribbons and anything else that fits the purpose that I have in mind. I will make sure they are cleansed and the intent has been layed in the energy of each piece.

So the circle, will have each corner representation, that also covers the elements. then you might choose to add angels or deities representation to those corners as well. There is at least three layers there! circle protection, then the elements, then angles or deities.

Next there might be more tools for purpose, when I say might, sometimes especially if you are trained in energy work like Reiki, you can just use your energy and intent to send healing, other times, someone might ask for you to send them a healing pack, maybe a herb pouch or crystals. To make sure they are the best thing for your purpose, research research research, maybe in books or on google even. Each crystal, colour, tool, right down to day, time and moon phase can and does have a representation, that can make things fit and work to its fullest strength. This in turn increased your layers!! each tool representation is yet another layer.

I am also happy to advise people through messages, as long as they are completely open and honest with me, as for spiritual protection from entities, I will ask many questions, about your history ie have you done any unprotected workings or black arts, what is your history in general? ie abusive relationships etc. Why do I ask these things, I ask them because they will have an impact on what is going on or what is happening might be a direct result of it. You might not have protected yourself fully when you did a working (not necessarily dark art), you might be living a very negative existence or choose to stay in a toxic relationship. These things are what these entities feed on. This is what harbors them and gives them the energy to exist and stay.

Just recently, I advised someone of what crystals to get to protect her house from what some kids are playing with, knowing that telling kids “NO”, never truly works lol.. So we have talked about intent, gathered the crystals with the correct purpose. Now doing protection, never just work on keeping things out, also work on the individuals needs in the house. I will get you to crystal grid your house with the correct intent, but I will also get you to lay crystals under each mattress for individual protection and healing. If there is a specific individual issue with one person in the house, the same will apply, but that person will also have a piece of jewelry or a crystal to keep on their person, girls down the bra, boys in their pocket, or a bracelet or necklace work well.

So you can see what I mean by layering, the stronger you want it, layer it the most, take your time, dont rush things, even if I tell you to say visualize a pyramid, yet you see a circle, all is good as long as its a sealed vision of light and the intent is the same, its all good! that’s just what you see and need, so its all good and correct as it is.

love and light


Start at the Beginning…

As with anything and everything we will do in life, there is a method to learning.

Small steps, make mistakes, dont expect everything to be perfect, self reflect on all of it, good and bad. Dont feel like you need to have all the nice stuff others have.. all of them started out with little to nothing at some point as well.

So use that butter knife as an athame, stick from the garden as a wand, salt from your household salt. Slowly as time, money and guidance allows, the right ones will fall into your hand at the most opportune moment.

My longest was a year, I saw the most magnificent short sword at the local medieval fayre. I didn’t have enough cash, the knife sung to me, holding it felt like home, putting it back felt like absolute hell, hand burning, itchy palm and more, it felt like it was still in my hand for hours afterwards. A year later, I go back and low and behold there it was again.. I didn’t hold back, straight away. purchased and carried it around like gold for the rest of the day.

Know that besides all the glossy bling of jewelry emblems, crystals, tools of the trade.. it all comes back to one thing.. and this one thing is there for you at the beginning, middle and end.

Power. now when I say this word, people always think with ego and go yes, power give me it all.. ah ah! nope! The power I speak of is the power that is in you, the power that you will learn to focus, trust in and use for good.

How to access that power. There are many different ways to access it, belief is the first part, belief in the power, belief in yourself, belief in what you are seeing or hearing around you.

Meditation. is always one of the first places to go.. there are many types of meditation tho.. people need to find out what suits them best, whether its quiet they need, or music, guided meditation, yogic meditations? Seek what is right for you..research! (protect yourself first! refer to earlier posts for information and advice)

Balance. balance.. the hardest to attain and the hardest to explain. now.. being in balance can mean so many different things to so many people.. it can mean diet, physical balance, balancing a plate.. for me and in this context, it is about balance spiritually, balanced thoughts, balanced feelings.

These three things will help you balance your inner self enough to focus on what needs to be done and to cope with what daily life gives you. Now I might preach these words but like you and everyone else in this world I am fallible, I am still pulling myself up, reflecting and then changing it as I need to.. we are not perfect, so dont be too hard on yourselves, only be hard on yourself if you are not trying.

Ground. Whenever you are doing power work, work on yourself, healing, magik, anything.. ground well afterwards, be prepared, if you get shaky, teeth start chattering, pale, you need to have something to eat, get rugged up, pull your toes into the earth, if you are struggling, have someone close by who is very good at grounding and allow them to assist you, to bring you back into balance. See your toes as roots going into mother earth and grabbing hold of the soil.. bring the light through your head, down through your feet and into the ground and then return it.. let it flow through you and clear and balance you out.

now basic advice..

– ask questions

– research much

– make your own choices

– dont be swayed by masses

– follow your instincts and first thoughts

– dont feel like everything has to be perfect or expensive

– working in the darkness, does not always mean bad things, it can mean that you accept and balance yourself to the fullest… as dark and light cannot live one without the other. there is peace and harmony in both, its the intent above all that counts.

– as with anything you will get differing opinions all around.. hear them, understand them, then determine which has value to you the most.

meditate meditate meditate.. balance balance balance.. ground ground ground above everything..

Casting a circle and protection before casting spells……

I will fill this with as much as I can so people have choice about what they wish to use and or how they wish to do it…

Life is about choice after all…

I will state one thing strongest tho… layer layer layer!!! dont just think the light will keep the bad shit out, dont just think the circle alone will keep them out either.. Layers of protection, even interwoven will prove strongest… My property has been blessed, shit does not come to my door any more, people come here and feel the peace and comfort that is how it is should be.

Now I do not repeat the protection around the property each time I caste a circle, I will set it, then just recharge it now and again on a full moon.

Ok.. Layers of protection first up. I start on the boundary of my land and work my way in. Crystals, salt.  I uses black based crystal stones in each corner of the property, usually, tiger eye, apache tear, black obsidian, hematite or snow flake obsidian. If I am in what might be a strong aboriginal area, I will do a blessing to the ancestors. Usually it involves thanking them with water and soil in your hands. If you wish to be sure, find out what tribe is from your area and ask elders for assistance.

Walking around the property, I lay out the stones and push them or bury them under the ground, as I move to the next I am smudging or salting as I go, visualizing the light like a huge sheet, moving with me to the next corner. When you see this sheet of light, see it rise right above the property and below the same, hence the saying as above, so below. When I get to the last crystal, I give anything inside till the count of 30 to leave. Then I push the light out and fill the space. See in your minds eye, everyone who resides here is protected, everyone who enters is protected and leaves their drama and shit at the boundary of the property.

Next is the house, similar process with the crystals, I also place a rose quartz tho in the middle of the house or under it if you are able. Any door ways get what I call a protection pouch, just a simple pouch with protection herbs inside it.

Protection crystals –

General Protection – agate, apache tears, aventurine, black agate, black kyanite, black obsidian, calcite, carnelian, cat’s eye, fluorite, fossils, halite (rock salt crystal), hematite, honey calcite, jade, jasper, labradorite, lapis (lapis lazuli), malachite, marble, moonstone, peridot, petrified wood,pumice, pyrite, quartz, quartz crystal clusters, red jasper, rutilated quartz, salt, schorl (black tourmaline), selenite, snowflake obsidian, sulphur, tigers eye, topaz, tourmaline (red and black [schorl] especially), tree agate,turquoise, yellow agate, yellow jasper, zircon (clear and red)

Protection from Evil – agate (especially Eye Agate), beryl, blue chalcedony (especially evil magick), coral, garnet, quartz, salt, sapphire, schorl (black tourmaline), snowflake obsidian

Protection from the Evil Eye – agate (especially eye agate), cat’s eye, carnelian (envious eye, evil eye), malachite, topaz

Protection from Negativity/Negative Energies – black obsidian, black onyx,  jet (absorbs negative energies),  kunzite, peacock ore, quartz, schorl (black tourmaline [transmutes to positive energy]), smoky quartz (especially in healing)

Protection pouches can contain as many or as little herbs for protection as you like, I also put in them a small quartz crystal for amplification. Once these pouches are worn, I usually bury them in the garden or burn them and retrieve the crystals for burial.

Protection herbs..keep in mind many of these will be available at your local supermarket, garden store or household shelf, it might be as simple as opening a jar, or maybe picking some leaves and flowers then drying them. Corresponding oils made by the same plants can be used in the mix before placing in the bag. These bags can also be made to be kept on your person, depending on what I have going on in my life, I might stick one in my pocket or bra for the day.

Protection herbs – peony, geranium, rose, rosemary, St john’s wort, snap dragon, clove, dragon’s blood, eucalyptus, wormwood,  frankincense, cedarwood, garlic,  lavender, myrrh, violet, patchouli, rose, acacia, angelica, lilac, valerian, sage, anise, dill, thistle, sandalwood, basil, bay, bergamot mint, pine, pennyroyal, black pepper, caraway, carnation, cedar, cinnamon, clover, cumin, rue, peppermint, fennel, fern, flax, lilac, lotus, mandrake, marigold, mimosa.

Ok, having these in place and recharged regularly every few full moons is the start. I then for ritual have certain jewelry, protection pouches, crystals that are on me or around me where I caste. My room is my safe place to caste spells.

My room is layered with, crystals, oil burners, candles, incense. It might sounds like overkill, but when you have had demon shit at your front door as I have, then yeah, I am not going to run, I stand in my power and increase the security, all the way yelling bring it the FUCK ON!!!

I am a single mum, my wage does not go far, so I always try and use things sparingly, thriftily and carefully. Most of what I use, can be bought for a minimum off eBay or from your local supermarket on the cheap. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to be able to do this. A box of 80 tea light candles are just 10 bucks in the reject shop.

Your alter where you caste does not have to be large, you can use the good old kitchen knife as an athame, a branch that feels right off a tree in your garden or from a local park, collect feathers as you walk the streets or parks. Cheap oils, candles from the supermarket… bread plates make good candle holders…

Ok, casting a circle can be as simple as you want or as involved as you want. You could just caste the light around you and ask the lord and lady for protection, or for each quarter you can call in each element, angel, and visualize each one. If you have a certain path you follow, be it Egyptian, Celtic, Romanian or others. You could call your respective deities into the quarters.

Remember one thing, what you open must be closed! so as you open a circle and charge it, you must close it and release it. Then ground yourself! Sit quietly, eat something small and earthy, then ground yourself, go to that place in your mind where its at peace. Release all that you have done.

Binding and its issues…..

Binding has what I believe are big issues..Just as love spells..

You will never ever find me doing either of the above.

Why? because they are fallible spells and if you do it wrong you are then stuck with

the repercussions indefinitely.

Binding, when you bind instead of protecting yourself from the person you are binding, you are actually making the connection stronger and more solid. I saw a spell recently that involved putting the connection on ice in your freezer. OMG! so that person is then connected to you through that ice-block indefinitely…

See its all about energies and balance. Why would you give that person A. a connection to you indefinitely B. energy and energetic connection they dont deserve C. waste oxygen and time on them at all

So, you protect, dont bind, every time you find yourself giving that person energy of thought, grab that thought from your head and toss it away. Wish them all the universe and karma have to offer. Release it, dont tie it too you.

Now love spells… There is absolutely no way you can make someone love you.

You can also never know enough about the person, so that if you do a spell to tie them too you in a relationship, then they turn out to be a partner basher or a person who is not motivated to be a team player in the relationship. Your stuffed. Another thing that can come up, is that you tie this person too you with your spell and you both end up absolutely miserable.

Stop looking for short cuts, even tho its human nature, its something we should learn about ourselves, and not do it period.


What are familiars?

They are animals that come into our lives as either friends, totems, messengers….

For some they might be the humble cat, for others, they range from dogs to horses and farm animals.

Each animal will have a descriptive meaning about showing itself to you. Or you might have a lesson to learn about having that wonderful creature in your life for the time it is with you.

Don’t hold and own what is not yours…

Now what do I mean by this…

That grief that you feel from another, sadness, lethargy, draining feeling, fuzzy in the head, just really not yourself, but you know it’s not yours?

Cut it off! Ground, cleanse, cut the string in your mind, that is giving you those feelings and sensations, then shield yourself…

These things are not yours, not only is it unhealthy for you, it’s not your fight or feeling to have. This is your empathy and psychic connection being open.

Responsiblities as Healers and Openers of Doors….

Not really sure that’s the best title.. but its descriptive of what is going through my head.

We see so many people trying to open up and some even getting assistance to open the door to what we want most, peace and connection to spirit.

In my very first post on this blog, I spoke about how to protect yourself, from those who will not do the right thing. We ourselves are imperfect so we will still make mistakes, we will still leave ourselves vulnerable, even with all the information available to us.

So.. the point of this post…

If you as a practitioner who chooses to do healing’s and openings (opening someones chakras and third eye up), you have a responsibility of care, not just during the process itself, but afterwards. Which is why its called ‘Aftercare’

Don’t go getting shitty at a client who is floundering and in great stress after you have worked on them, it is your responsibility to provide aftercare and advice for what you have created.

Ask the client more questions and details to find out what is going on, NEVER EVER OPEN SOMEONE TOTALLY ALL AT ONCE THEN LEAVE THEM VULNERABLE! Open them a step at a time, filtering them as you go.

These people are having to try and live with the changes you have given them, even if it is their choice, its still your responsibility to follow up with care.

Second point to this post, no matter whether you come from light or not, never ever deal with anything that is in another’s house, space or person without permission. This has happened and will unbalance the order it was in, in the first place.

so much of what we do is about balance. Light cannot be without darkness and darkness cannot be without light. When we say darkness it does not mean doing bad things, it means that you can embrace it, use it wisely, with grace and power, if it is ever needed to combat the bad stuff (demons etc)

Even Archangels carry swords! Why do you think that is.. its because there are times, where they must defend using all their might and power.

I know I have been a bit quiet, I burnt myself out at work and have been ill.. hopefully I will be a little more active in here again.

I am still trying to think about the best way to pass on information about crystals, elements, layering of protection and more to you, so please be patient.