It’s been a while…

Well, it has been a while. My last blog post was about bringing myself back into myself. Little did I know what that would look like.

Life likes to throw us some rippers, doesn’t it. I have had two significant shifts. One was my sons health, the second was mine. My sons while serious, was at least up front, easily worked out and fixed. Mine not so much.

So I had to have so much faith in the great mother goddess and our brilliant medical doctors. My son had spontaneous Pneumothorax x 3. After the second collapse they found, “Blebs”, these are like small cists and blisters on the alveoli of the lung. These were popping and collapsing the lung. Chest surgery was successful, but he has a high risk of the second lung doing the same.

Now me, I have suffered with pain on and off then consistently getting bigger and bigger over a long period of time. approx 7 years of almost not being able to walk. I finally got a diagnosis of autoimmune disease, Psoriatic Arthritis, topped off with Fibromyalgia. Yay me. pft.

Anyway, on wards and upwards. While I am still very much struggling to function, I am managing to survive. I have dropped myself back to one job, I am down to one horse, I don’t go out much and I try and keep myself as rested as possible. I haven’t been able to give much brain space to a lot of things, writing being one of them. I pretty much stopped writing and also reading. Today, I felt I had enough spoons to give. If you want to know about the spoon theory look it up on YouTube, it will help you understand people like me and maybe even some family members and what fatigue is like.

Anyway, this part of me has been pushed aside. I am still around, I am still here, I have some future plans that will take about 2 years for me to implement, that will become a better life for me, where I will function and do what I want.

So love and light to all of you!

Reflection over time….

Well, I have been a bit too quiet on here, we all hit moments in our lives where we just get to busy and full on in life and things shift.  It then takes us time, circumstance and reflection to bring us back to where we need to be, yet again. 12 days a fortnight working, then 2 days of play, are not conducive to finding your inner self.  To survive all you do is eat, sleep and work.

So that has happened here tonight.  As some will know, I have forayed into several new jobs over the last 17 months, that have siphoned into 2 jobs, that have now become 3 again (bare with me lol).  Hoping it will become 2 jobs in aged care, that will bring me to a place where I can hopefully get my Enrolled Nurse and find some of life rhythm, with a better pay grade and less work hours.

So while I have found much of myself in many ways over the last 17 months, something has to shift.  Work while helping me survive in the wide world and getting me to a better place financially and mentally.  It’s also been taxing mentally and physically, still doable tho.

I did myself an injury that has set me back dramatically in all manners of my life.  It is still taking its toll and might for time to come.  What I realised is that even tho I have taken those 2 days for me, spiritually, deeply in myself, I have been superficial and had lost a part of myself, I am missing that depth, missing my spirituality, much of my usual life has been neglected.  My horses, my home, myself.

So what am I talking about this shit on my spiritual page for LOL.  I read an article tonight, that jolted me back in my head, to where I need to be again.  I need to find my spirit.

I need to refocus and bring it back to the forefront of my life and make time for it.  The article was about Dragon.  (about to spout mumbo jumbo so look away or skip over it lol)

Dragon has been a gift in my life, from a guardian to my son and me.  Too being, my teacher and healer.  Dragon is calling me home again.

The strategy for myself will need to be restructuring how I am doing things.  See the goal, even if its a bit further away to the end goal and make it happen.

So, I need to start meditating again, I need to start going to my horses and spending quality time with them again, I need to keep pecking away at my romance book that I am attempting to write.  I need to find the balance that has gone.  While I have made some spectacular choices that have found me wonderful things, like love and some security.  The balance is not complete.

So, clean my work space, schedule the horses, meditation and writing in, find out about the Enrolled Nurse course and if I can do it, then reconnect with Dragon and so some spirit work.  Plan made!


The world seems to have and continue with an poorly unrealistic view of death.

Spiritually, everyone has the choice of which way they spiritually want to deal with it, but practically, across the board, we need to wake the HELL UP!!


Just this week, I saw an image of an aged horse (I am an extremely experienced horseperson) who had died of age, but was left unattended to die naturally.  The owner believed that this was the nicest way to die, alone in the paddock, no pain relief, no support, no warmth. Now this horse was also skin and bone, due to his body obviously suffering from organ failure for quite a while.

Now then you hear the OMG, my old horse would never be that skinny, well I hate to say it, but some times they do, just like people and other species, some age better than others. AND! when there is organ failure, no matter how much you feed the animal, it wont put weight on. The organs just are not working any more.  Just as with some aged people, no matter how much you feed them, they wont put the weight on, because their organ function just wont allow it.

People also need to understand that depending on what organs are failing and how they are failing, you could actually be causing the person or animal more pain and distress. For example, a person in kidney failure, by giving them more fluids, makes the kidneys work harder, it also increases the toxins in the body that they are suffering from, due to the kidney failure. So in fact by, doing what comes to us instinctually, feed, water and sometimes even warmth, will in fact not only harm the person or animal, but quicken their death and pain while dying.




If your animal is skinny and no matter what you do to try and put it back on, it doesn’t work, then its time to look at the best option for the animal and put it to sleep. It has organ failure, organ failure is painful! it is traumatic! it is stressful on the body! it is stressful on the mind! it is literally dying from the inside out, IT IS NOT A PEACEFUL WAY TO GO…

Falling asleep and not waking up, very very rarely happens, it almost never happens. You can guarantee that there has been intervention with either sedation or pain relief.

Besides a very quick heart attack where one second they are there and the next they are gone, death is a drawn out and painful thing that really, no one of any religion, race, species should have to go through. When I say drawn out, I mean days and even weeks.

This is not fair to anyone ever. Let alone an animal we have the power to give the gift of an swift and painless ending.

Time to get real about death and embrace it as much as we do birth and life, because we are failing not only each other, but every animal in our care.




What should you clear and clense…

EVERYTHING!!! Almost lol.. fair enough dont worry about the shopping.

But any gifts, purchases, second hand goods and so on, clear them! Make them your own unless you know its history and wish to have that residue around.

Just recently a clearing was done, two things in the house were festering issues.

A mirror porthole and a gift from a neighbour who wasn’t what they were portraying to be. *jealousy*

OK, as a tack on to this subject, What do you do to fix it, who do you call? How can you make sure that you dont get taken for a ride or that the well intention-ed dont actually make your situation worse for you. (will talk about that part last)

Do some leg work, ask around, find someone who has done this before and has a history of dealing with it, ask for references or recommendations if you can.  IT WILL COST! (that will be another post another day – people have to survive)

It will usually cost per hour, it takes time, expect them to take a minimum of 2 -3 hours depending how serious the situation is. What will they do? They will use many tools and resources, smudging, knives, crystals, herbs, incense, smudge fans, holy water, symbols and most of all their OWN ENERGY. Now all these things cost them, themselves. So it is worth something.

Everyone does something different, you will find they like to work alone, or with a trusted person, who they know is strong enough to deal with what they are facing. The last thing an energy worker needs is to be keeping extra people safe from what they are trying to get rid of. So the less people around the better. They have to have people around to assist, that can A. keep themselves safe, B. are powerful enough, C. know what they are doing.

You might see what you deem as some weird ass shit! but that is why you asked for help in the first place, cos there is some weird ass stuff happening.

They will need to match the power of the entity they are meeting, love and light will not always be able to push out the beasts that might reside.These can be anything from ghosts, energy residue, sprites, fae, otherworld creatures and or daemon.

This is where you might have to embrace the dark, but embracing it for good, is the difference, as you will be clearning someones home, belongings and them personally for their protection and well being. You can embrace both dark and light for good. Its when you are dark for bad, that the issues arise.

Only being in light has its own set of issues. People can think they are doing a great thing, and they are, in that they mean well and they wish to help, but at times, it can actually cause more issues, than help the situation. It can actually stir up what is there, instead of perminantly getting rid of them. It can accellerate the activity and actually put the people in question in serious danger.

Bright blessings!!


Ouija…. say what?

Most people have no idea how to say this word lol.. WeeJa.. easiest way to say it.

Now why has this one come up. Because of respect, respect of the tool, respect of the process, respect of self.


Now respect of the tool, Ouija seems to have too thoughts about it, that of fear and that of a toy. In the wrong hands it might just be a toy, in the right but still wrong hands, it should be something to fear. In the right hands tho, it can be a valuable tool.


First rule of any connection no matter what kind of connecting it is to spirit or another persons energy is??? I have said it in an early blog post..

PROTECT PROTECT PROTECT… Protect your dwelling, protect yourself, protect those with you.

Clear and cleanse the space you are going to use.

Clear and cleanse all the tools you are going to use

Clear and cleanse everyone attending

Protect the space and people!

Open the process and respect the process and anything that comes through

Close, cleanse, release!!


If you cant do these things, then do not tamper with these tools….


renowned historian Robert Murch





Death Is Not Pretty…

Death in any form is not pretty or pleasant, not everyone can deal with death or the dying.

Whether its the animal or a human being, at the point of death, you have to put whats best for the animal, or what the persons wishes are, before anything at all that you feel.  At this stage you dont matter.

Many people find themselves getting emotional and opinionated about the situation, as it is finalizing. Those need to step away, make it easier on the family, not harder.

There are many ways everyone dies. With all of us hoping for that quiet sleep we never wake up from. Where in actual fact its not that simple. We are blessed by doctors these days who can keep us as comfortable as possible as we cross that threshold to the next world, in some countries they are gifted with the ability to choose when and how they go.

Before that, make the most of everything, find the positive in every single day and moment. Be grateful that you have those around you, that you do. See the many little things that they do for you. Ask everyone how they are, not just the person who is dying. Those closest are just as effected by the journey.

Currently I am on this journey with my old dog, he is almost 17 years old, if we make it that far. My feelings will be put last, when the meds he is on stops working, straight down to the vet, I will worry about me after, I will have those feelings after, as I light a candle to light his way.

Then and only then, will I take the time to grieve and think about myself. What I will never see in the flesh again, but will forever see in my dreams and heart.

Humantiy and its fallibilities….

Not really sure this is the platform for this and I do think its taking it away from the spiritual and witch purpose..but if I want to nut it out thoroughly, how we are as a people, ego, our humanity and compassion and more are all rolled into how we are as a person, the energy we release and in turn, what it brings when we worship our individual paths,  then yes it does fit well and truly.

One human fallibility I struggle to cope in having around me is people who are secular, now that might have a different meaning to many, as a person might be secular about a subject, race, breed, theory etc. I have no doubt that at times people might see me as secular, but if you did deeper and have a conversation with me and ask questions instead of judge what is there in front of you (which is another horrible human trait) you will find that I, as a person, am a very lateral thinker, if I find myself being secular, I will stop, reflect and then research out much further so that I can them make a balanced and informed conversation about the topic broadly.

Lately for me its been about transgender and gay people.. and a big subject to the world today, Muslims..

We have become so washed by the media that we are no longer looking further afield, we have become so flooded by what the media have said and the shock of it, that we no longer look past our own door, and I am finding its a very white front door.

Now this is not a Christianity bashing post. (keep in mind I was born christian and still have respect for it) Anything I state about Christianity is not about bashing them, its about you, if your a christian, thinking beyond what is being preached to you as gospel and immovable. Everything is movable, society evolved, the bible itself has evolved, every single time a man wrote in it at the start, and then re interpreted it over the last 2000 years, it has evolved.

I have seen post after post of the atrocities, genocide and terrorism committed by modern day Muslims, what bout the rest? What about modern day Christians committing the same all over the world..

Stop just looking in your back yard, Stop thinking if it not at your front door it doesn’t involve you.. It bloody well does, especially if you are going to site Muslim history as well as current from all over the world in your argument, then you should do the same with Christianity and others! Hello Hitler was a christian! he slaughtered millions of people.. We seem to see him as a focus of just white supremacy, but it was more than that.

Do we realize that witches across the world are being burnt at the stake still this day? Its not just about big attacks, there is much other things happening as well, people are killed by Christians for being gay, transgender, witches, shamans, hermaphrodites, another religion and more. Anything that scares the ignorant and secular minded.

I am going to leave a series of links here, as it will be quicker than typing them all out, but with just three wimple searches I have found as much if not more atrocities from Christians in the name of Christianity as I have in Muslims. In just one link alone I found 8 Christian terrorist organizations that are current and active in atrocities all over the world.

8 christian terrorist organizations

terrorist activity in the U.S. in recent years

historical killings for Christianity

.Bosnia 200 000 deaths 1992-1995

Pagan genocide history

remember slaves.. in the name of Christianity

If we are going to be informed, liberated, broadminded and true to spirit, acknowledge it all. Understand it all. State all!!!


Humanity…. isnt it one of the true purposes of life?

This has been on my mind these past few weeks. And I really dont think I am going to say it the way I want too.

I suppose it ties in with a few things tho, thinking about it. Ethics, Morals, Principals.

Do they all fit together, are we muddling them up with other perceptions, religion, civic opinion, social propriety. (feel like there is more there that I am missing with this bloody head cold)

So what is humanity really? Are we loosing our humanity?

We see glimmers of it, but in my heart I feel that an over all percentage is being well and truly lost in the above. Religion with its evangelistic feel and all encompassing fervor, civic opinion where they views of one becomes the views of many without individual thought or care, social propriety, all those rules and regulations, how did we go from being earthy villagers, where women walked with Jesus as prophets as one with men (till a man theologian managed to change it), (I feel that is making this about women, but its not meant to focus just on that, its just a point that I can think of through this head cold lol). Where we had black slaves, white slaves, lived clothes free, then onto times where we were over clothed, no one but white MAN, could vote, own and earn.

To now, where clothing is getting less, sexuality is almost free (keeping in mind, its been the same, looked the same, just not spoken of for thousands and thousands of years). I am seeing an expanding world, where many are in my mind, being left behind, because their humanity has been tainted by those three things.

Starting to think that I am being idealistic, am I so evolved, in my humanity, that I am feeling disappointed in the world, I know we are not all perfect, to err is human after all. But I have a sense that there is so much more that we as humans and with humanity we could do. Since when is it our business what happens in others beds, homes? Unless its abusive, surely there is then no need for us to take part or involve ourselves. If we think this way, why do we no longer live in communal buildings all under one roof?

Why is it we take away from their humanity. Now when I say humanity here, if we look at Maslows hierarchy of needs. We are failing dismally. link to Maslows

When using Maslows, you raise from the bottom up, if you can say that all of the levels have been achieved then that person should be at their optimum as a person, mentally, physically, spiritually.

I have written them out in order, We as a humanity, should be striving for these things. Why is it that its only being used in education of specific groups, ie first time I heard of it, was in my class teaching us about needs for people with disabilities. In my mind, this should be taught in school!

1 Physiological – breathing, food, water, sleep, excretion.

2 Safety – security of body, employment, resources, morality, family, health, property.

3 Love and Belonging – friendship, family, sexual intimacy.

4 Esteem – self esteem, confidence, achievement, respect of others, respect by others.

5 Self Actualization – morality, creativity, spontaneity, problem solving, lack of prejudice, acceptance of facts.

So, using Maslows as it was meant, as the rights and needs of every single human being, why can we not fulfill the rights of humanity? why. do we continuously loose sight of it? Why. do we continuously stray from this path? Why. do we continue to be pulled to the path of war, bullying, trolling, what we call opinion, which is in fact a lack of humanity and empathy. Imposing our thoughts on what should be a basic human right.

Where do we think we fail in these rights? Every time we use the colour of their skin against someone? Their sex? Their gender? Their sexual orientation? Their religion? Where they were born?  When we fail to feed, water and shelter the homeless, no matter why they are there. When we stop someone from having the right to marry their loved one, no matter their gender? To me, its all of the above and probably more that I cant think of at the moment, cos of this bloody cold!

Its time to find our humanity, I have said before that life is about the journey, about the paths we choose and how we cope and deal with those paths, but wow, thinking even deeper right now, doesn’t it come back to humanity and natural human rights?

We seek out “natural order” with our animals (with great failure there too, but that’s another post), and have also taken that to a complete opposite extreme of, “all must live at all costs” and usually that cost is to the detriment of the animal and far from what would be a natural order. What sort of evolution is humanity going through right now, that we are seeking humanity for animals but not humans?

So please excuse any prattle and or lack of sense, my sinuses are so blocked, my head feels like its going to implode, not even sure how I got this out lol..

love and light always!


Putting a working or spell together….

So where would you start.

Like anything, you can make it as complex as you like or as easy as you like.

For me and what I call my layering effect, I like to complicate it, my theory is, as hard as I make it, the more power it has and the harder it is to undo or penetrate.

Spells/working for me, is in general, protection or healing. Even in protection I am very cautious, I will set things up so that, what ever results to the perpetrator is a direct result of what they have done, not what I have done. (if that doesn’t make sense please ask for clarification.)

Where do I start. I start with my tools, what will I need, the makings of a basic circle or protection. Then I would gather, crystals, candles, ribbons and anything else that fits the purpose that I have in mind. I will make sure they are cleansed and the intent has been layed in the energy of each piece.

So the circle, will have each corner representation, that also covers the elements. then you might choose to add angels or deities representation to those corners as well. There is at least three layers there! circle protection, then the elements, then angles or deities.

Next there might be more tools for purpose, when I say might, sometimes especially if you are trained in energy work like Reiki, you can just use your energy and intent to send healing, other times, someone might ask for you to send them a healing pack, maybe a herb pouch or crystals. To make sure they are the best thing for your purpose, research research research, maybe in books or on google even. Each crystal, colour, tool, right down to day, time and moon phase can and does have a representation, that can make things fit and work to its fullest strength. This in turn increased your layers!! each tool representation is yet another layer.

I am also happy to advise people through messages, as long as they are completely open and honest with me, as for spiritual protection from entities, I will ask many questions, about your history ie have you done any unprotected workings or black arts, what is your history in general? ie abusive relationships etc. Why do I ask these things, I ask them because they will have an impact on what is going on or what is happening might be a direct result of it. You might not have protected yourself fully when you did a working (not necessarily dark art), you might be living a very negative existence or choose to stay in a toxic relationship. These things are what these entities feed on. This is what harbors them and gives them the energy to exist and stay.

Just recently, I advised someone of what crystals to get to protect her house from what some kids are playing with, knowing that telling kids “NO”, never truly works lol.. So we have talked about intent, gathered the crystals with the correct purpose. Now doing protection, never just work on keeping things out, also work on the individuals needs in the house. I will get you to crystal grid your house with the correct intent, but I will also get you to lay crystals under each mattress for individual protection and healing. If there is a specific individual issue with one person in the house, the same will apply, but that person will also have a piece of jewelry or a crystal to keep on their person, girls down the bra, boys in their pocket, or a bracelet or necklace work well.

So you can see what I mean by layering, the stronger you want it, layer it the most, take your time, dont rush things, even if I tell you to say visualize a pyramid, yet you see a circle, all is good as long as its a sealed vision of light and the intent is the same, its all good! that’s just what you see and need, so its all good and correct as it is.

love and light


Start at the Beginning…

As with anything and everything we will do in life, there is a method to learning.

Small steps, make mistakes, dont expect everything to be perfect, self reflect on all of it, good and bad. Dont feel like you need to have all the nice stuff others have.. all of them started out with little to nothing at some point as well.

So use that butter knife as an athame, stick from the garden as a wand, salt from your household salt. Slowly as time, money and guidance allows, the right ones will fall into your hand at the most opportune moment.

My longest was a year, I saw the most magnificent short sword at the local medieval fayre. I didn’t have enough cash, the knife sung to me, holding it felt like home, putting it back felt like absolute hell, hand burning, itchy palm and more, it felt like it was still in my hand for hours afterwards. A year later, I go back and low and behold there it was again.. I didn’t hold back, straight away. purchased and carried it around like gold for the rest of the day.

Know that besides all the glossy bling of jewelry emblems, crystals, tools of the trade.. it all comes back to one thing.. and this one thing is there for you at the beginning, middle and end.

Power. now when I say this word, people always think with ego and go yes, power give me it all.. ah ah! nope! The power I speak of is the power that is in you, the power that you will learn to focus, trust in and use for good.

How to access that power. There are many different ways to access it, belief is the first part, belief in the power, belief in yourself, belief in what you are seeing or hearing around you.

Meditation. is always one of the first places to go.. there are many types of meditation tho.. people need to find out what suits them best, whether its quiet they need, or music, guided meditation, yogic meditations? Seek what is right for you..research! (protect yourself first! refer to earlier posts for information and advice)

Balance. balance.. the hardest to attain and the hardest to explain. now.. being in balance can mean so many different things to so many people.. it can mean diet, physical balance, balancing a plate.. for me and in this context, it is about balance spiritually, balanced thoughts, balanced feelings.

These three things will help you balance your inner self enough to focus on what needs to be done and to cope with what daily life gives you. Now I might preach these words but like you and everyone else in this world I am fallible, I am still pulling myself up, reflecting and then changing it as I need to.. we are not perfect, so dont be too hard on yourselves, only be hard on yourself if you are not trying.

Ground. Whenever you are doing power work, work on yourself, healing, magik, anything.. ground well afterwards, be prepared, if you get shaky, teeth start chattering, pale, you need to have something to eat, get rugged up, pull your toes into the earth, if you are struggling, have someone close by who is very good at grounding and allow them to assist you, to bring you back into balance. See your toes as roots going into mother earth and grabbing hold of the soil.. bring the light through your head, down through your feet and into the ground and then return it.. let it flow through you and clear and balance you out.

now basic advice..

– ask questions

– research much

– make your own choices

– dont be swayed by masses

– follow your instincts and first thoughts

– dont feel like everything has to be perfect or expensive

– working in the darkness, does not always mean bad things, it can mean that you accept and balance yourself to the fullest… as dark and light cannot live one without the other. there is peace and harmony in both, its the intent above all that counts.

– as with anything you will get differing opinions all around.. hear them, understand them, then determine which has value to you the most.

meditate meditate meditate.. balance balance balance.. ground ground ground above everything..