About Me….

I have found myself evolving to a point, where I feel I need to lay it all down in black and white, for anyone who finds it of use or help.

I embrace not just the light, but also the dark. One cannot exist without the other. Just because you might use the dark is not a prerequisite that you are a bad person. It is merely the balance of all.

Just as we have the saying “We are all one”… we have “Yin and Yang”… we have “Light and Dark” they all co exist and are needed for one another.

When we single out just one of the above, we stifle ourselves, our growth, we are unbalanced and cannot progress.

Ok, a little more about my abilities. To put a label to it for people, I can be

Clairsentience (feeling/toughing)

Clairaudience (hearing/listening)

Clairalience (smelling)

Claircognizance (knowing)

Psychometry (reading of an object)

Reiki Level 1, Usui Shiki Ryoho System.

My main cards that I use are, Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards by Scott Alexander King.

I am what many would also call an Eclectic Witch, I do not hole myself into one single way, I take what I need from many ways and use them for the best.

I can and do help people from afar, I have helped protect families, closed (not completely) and filtered a child’s link to spirit as the child was being disturbed by paranormal visitors, I have cleared houses and people.

I am available for any advice or help I can give, if I cannot help, I will say so and I will give  you as good a resource as I can to help with what ever might be happening to you.

My hope for this blog, is to help with that balance, with healing and protection as this is where I am finding myself called right now. I have no doubt this will evolve as time goes on and this blog with evolve along the way as well. Hopefully with some great people…



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