Reflection over time….

Well, I have been a bit too quiet on here, we all hit moments in our lives where we just get to busy and full on in life and things shift.  It then takes us time, circumstance and reflection to bring us back to where we need to be, yet again. 12 days a fortnight working, then 2 days of play, are not conducive to finding your inner self.  To survive all you do is eat, sleep and work.

So that has happened here tonight.  As some will know, I have forayed into several new jobs over the last 17 months, that have siphoned into 2 jobs, that have now become 3 again (bare with me lol).  Hoping it will become 2 jobs in aged care, that will bring me to a place where I can hopefully get my Enrolled Nurse and find some of life rhythm, with a better pay grade and less work hours.

So while I have found much of myself in many ways over the last 17 months, something has to shift.  Work while helping me survive in the wide world and getting me to a better place financially and mentally.  It’s also been taxing mentally and physically, still doable tho.

I did myself an injury that has set me back dramatically in all manners of my life.  It is still taking its toll and might for time to come.  What I realised is that even tho I have taken those 2 days for me, spiritually, deeply in myself, I have been superficial and had lost a part of myself, I am missing that depth, missing my spirituality, much of my usual life has been neglected.  My horses, my home, myself.

So what am I talking about this shit on my spiritual page for LOL.  I read an article tonight, that jolted me back in my head, to where I need to be again.  I need to find my spirit.

I need to refocus and bring it back to the forefront of my life and make time for it.  The article was about Dragon.  (about to spout mumbo jumbo so look away or skip over it lol)

Dragon has been a gift in my life, from a guardian to my son and me.  Too being, my teacher and healer.  Dragon is calling me home again.

The strategy for myself will need to be restructuring how I am doing things.  See the goal, even if its a bit further away to the end goal and make it happen.

So, I need to start meditating again, I need to start going to my horses and spending quality time with them again, I need to keep pecking away at my romance book that I am attempting to write.  I need to find the balance that has gone.  While I have made some spectacular choices that have found me wonderful things, like love and some security.  The balance is not complete.

So, clean my work space, schedule the horses, meditation and writing in, find out about the Enrolled Nurse course and if I can do it, then reconnect with Dragon and so some spirit work.  Plan made!