The world seems to have and continue with an poorly unrealistic view of death.

Spiritually, everyone has the choice of which way they spiritually want to deal with it, but practically, across the board, we need to wake the HELL UP!!


Just this week, I saw an image of an aged horse (I am an extremely experienced horseperson) who had died of age, but was left unattended to die naturally.  The owner believed that this was the nicest way to die, alone in the paddock, no pain relief, no support, no warmth. Now this horse was also skin and bone, due to his body obviously suffering from organ failure for quite a while.

Now then you hear the OMG, my old horse would never be that skinny, well I hate to say it, but some times they do, just like people and other species, some age better than others. AND! when there is organ failure, no matter how much you feed the animal, it wont put weight on. The organs just are not working any more.  Just as with some aged people, no matter how much you feed them, they wont put the weight on, because their organ function just wont allow it.

People also need to understand that depending on what organs are failing and how they are failing, you could actually be causing the person or animal more pain and distress. For example, a person in kidney failure, by giving them more fluids, makes the kidneys work harder, it also increases the toxins in the body that they are suffering from, due to the kidney failure. So in fact by, doing what comes to us instinctually, feed, water and sometimes even warmth, will in fact not only harm the person or animal, but quicken their death and pain while dying.




If your animal is skinny and no matter what you do to try and put it back on, it doesn’t work, then its time to look at the best option for the animal and put it to sleep. It has organ failure, organ failure is painful! it is traumatic! it is stressful on the body! it is stressful on the mind! it is literally dying from the inside out, IT IS NOT A PEACEFUL WAY TO GO…

Falling asleep and not waking up, very very rarely happens, it almost never happens. You can guarantee that there has been intervention with either sedation or pain relief.

Besides a very quick heart attack where one second they are there and the next they are gone, death is a drawn out and painful thing that really, no one of any religion, race, species should have to go through. When I say drawn out, I mean days and even weeks.

This is not fair to anyone ever. Let alone an animal we have the power to give the gift of an swift and painless ending.

Time to get real about death and embrace it as much as we do birth and life, because we are failing not only each other, but every animal in our care.




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