What should you clear and clense…

EVERYTHING!!! Almost lol.. fair enough dont worry about the shopping.

But any gifts, purchases, second hand goods and so on, clear them! Make them your own unless you know its history and wish to have that residue around.

Just recently a clearing was done, two things in the house were festering issues.

A mirror porthole and a gift from a neighbour who wasn’t what they were portraying to be. *jealousy*

OK, as a tack on to this subject, What do you do to fix it, who do you call? How can you make sure that you dont get taken for a ride or that the well intention-ed dont actually make your situation worse for you. (will talk about that part last)

Do some leg work, ask around, find someone who has done this before and has a history of dealing with it, ask for references or recommendations if you can.  IT WILL COST! (that will be another post another day – people have to survive)

It will usually cost per hour, it takes time, expect them to take a minimum of 2 -3 hours depending how serious the situation is. What will they do? They will use many tools and resources, smudging, knives, crystals, herbs, incense, smudge fans, holy water, symbols and most of all their OWN ENERGY. Now all these things cost them, themselves. So it is worth something.

Everyone does something different, you will find they like to work alone, or with a trusted person, who they know is strong enough to deal with what they are facing. The last thing an energy worker needs is to be keeping extra people safe from what they are trying to get rid of. So the less people around the better. They have to have people around to assist, that can A. keep themselves safe, B. are powerful enough, C. know what they are doing.

You might see what you deem as some weird ass shit! but that is why you asked for help in the first place, cos there is some weird ass stuff happening.

They will need to match the power of the entity they are meeting, love and light will not always be able to push out the beasts that might reside.These can be anything from ghosts, energy residue, sprites, fae, otherworld creatures and or daemon.

This is where you might have to embrace the dark, but embracing it for good, is the difference, as you will be clearning someones home, belongings and them personally for their protection and well being. You can embrace both dark and light for good. Its when you are dark for bad, that the issues arise.

Only being in light has its own set of issues. People can think they are doing a great thing, and they are, in that they mean well and they wish to help, but at times, it can actually cause more issues, than help the situation. It can actually stir up what is there, instead of perminantly getting rid of them. It can accellerate the activity and actually put the people in question in serious danger.

Bright blessings!!


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