Ouija…. say what?

Most people have no idea how to say this word lol.. WeeJa.. easiest way to say it.

Now why has this one come up. Because of respect, respect of the tool, respect of the process, respect of self.


Now respect of the tool, Ouija seems to have too thoughts about it, that of fear and that of a toy. In the wrong hands it might just be a toy, in the right but still wrong hands, it should be something to fear. In the right hands tho, it can be a valuable tool.


First rule of any connection no matter what kind of connecting it is to spirit or another persons energy is??? I have said it in an early blog post..

PROTECT PROTECT PROTECT… Protect your dwelling, protect yourself, protect those with you.

Clear and cleanse the space you are going to use.

Clear and cleanse all the tools you are going to use

Clear and cleanse everyone attending

Protect the space and people!

Open the process and respect the process and anything that comes through

Close, cleanse, release!!


If you cant do these things, then do not tamper with these tools….


renowned historian Robert Murch