Humanity…. isnt it one of the true purposes of life?

This has been on my mind these past few weeks. And I really dont think I am going to say it the way I want too.

I suppose it ties in with a few things tho, thinking about it. Ethics, Morals, Principals.

Do they all fit together, are we muddling them up with other perceptions, religion, civic opinion, social propriety. (feel like there is more there that I am missing with this bloody head cold)

So what is humanity really? Are we loosing our humanity?

We see glimmers of it, but in my heart I feel that an over all percentage is being well and truly lost in the above. Religion with its evangelistic feel and all encompassing fervor, civic opinion where they views of one becomes the views of many without individual thought or care, social propriety, all those rules and regulations, how did we go from being earthy villagers, where women walked with Jesus as prophets as one with men (till a man theologian managed to change it), (I feel that is making this about women, but its not meant to focus just on that, its just a point that I can think of through this head cold lol). Where we had black slaves, white slaves, lived clothes free, then onto times where we were over clothed, no one but white MAN, could vote, own and earn.

To now, where clothing is getting less, sexuality is almost free (keeping in mind, its been the same, looked the same, just not spoken of for thousands and thousands of years). I am seeing an expanding world, where many are in my mind, being left behind, because their humanity has been tainted by those three things.

Starting to think that I am being idealistic, am I so evolved, in my humanity, that I am feeling disappointed in the world, I know we are not all perfect, to err is human after all. But I have a sense that there is so much more that we as humans and with humanity we could do. Since when is it our business what happens in others beds, homes? Unless its abusive, surely there is then no need for us to take part or involve ourselves. If we think this way, why do we no longer live in communal buildings all under one roof?

Why is it we take away from their humanity. Now when I say humanity here, if we look at Maslows hierarchy of needs. We are failing dismally. link to Maslows

When using Maslows, you raise from the bottom up, if you can say that all of the levels have been achieved then that person should be at their optimum as a person, mentally, physically, spiritually.

I have written them out in order, We as a humanity, should be striving for these things. Why is it that its only being used in education of specific groups, ie first time I heard of it, was in my class teaching us about needs for people with disabilities. In my mind, this should be taught in school!

1 Physiological – breathing, food, water, sleep, excretion.

2 Safety – security of body, employment, resources, morality, family, health, property.

3 Love and Belonging – friendship, family, sexual intimacy.

4 Esteem – self esteem, confidence, achievement, respect of others, respect by others.

5 Self Actualization – morality, creativity, spontaneity, problem solving, lack of prejudice, acceptance of facts.

So, using Maslows as it was meant, as the rights and needs of every single human being, why can we not fulfill the rights of humanity? why. do we continuously loose sight of it? Why. do we continuously stray from this path? Why. do we continue to be pulled to the path of war, bullying, trolling, what we call opinion, which is in fact a lack of humanity and empathy. Imposing our thoughts on what should be a basic human right.

Where do we think we fail in these rights? Every time we use the colour of their skin against someone? Their sex? Their gender? Their sexual orientation? Their religion? Where they were born?  When we fail to feed, water and shelter the homeless, no matter why they are there. When we stop someone from having the right to marry their loved one, no matter their gender? To me, its all of the above and probably more that I cant think of at the moment, cos of this bloody cold!

Its time to find our humanity, I have said before that life is about the journey, about the paths we choose and how we cope and deal with those paths, but wow, thinking even deeper right now, doesn’t it come back to humanity and natural human rights?

We seek out “natural order” with our animals (with great failure there too, but that’s another post), and have also taken that to a complete opposite extreme of, “all must live at all costs” and usually that cost is to the detriment of the animal and far from what would be a natural order. What sort of evolution is humanity going through right now, that we are seeking humanity for animals but not humans?

So please excuse any prattle and or lack of sense, my sinuses are so blocked, my head feels like its going to implode, not even sure how I got this out lol..

love and light always!


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