Putting a working or spell together….

So where would you start.

Like anything, you can make it as complex as you like or as easy as you like.

For me and what I call my layering effect, I like to complicate it, my theory is, as hard as I make it, the more power it has and the harder it is to undo or penetrate.

Spells/working for me, is in general, protection or healing. Even in protection I am very cautious, I will set things up so that, what ever results to the perpetrator is a direct result of what they have done, not what I have done. (if that doesn’t make sense please ask for clarification.)

Where do I start. I start with my tools, what will I need, the makings of a basic circle or protection. Then I would gather, crystals, candles, ribbons and anything else that fits the purpose that I have in mind. I will make sure they are cleansed and the intent has been layed in the energy of each piece.

So the circle, will have each corner representation, that also covers the elements. then you might choose to add angels or deities representation to those corners as well. There is at least three layers there! circle protection, then the elements, then angles or deities.

Next there might be more tools for purpose, when I say might, sometimes especially if you are trained in energy work like Reiki, you can just use your energy and intent to send healing, other times, someone might ask for you to send them a healing pack, maybe a herb pouch or crystals. To make sure they are the best thing for your purpose, research research research, maybe in books or on google even. Each crystal, colour, tool, right down to day, time and moon phase can and does have a representation, that can make things fit and work to its fullest strength. This in turn increased your layers!! each tool representation is yet another layer.

I am also happy to advise people through messages, as long as they are completely open and honest with me, as for spiritual protection from entities, I will ask many questions, about your history ie have you done any unprotected workings or black arts, what is your history in general? ie abusive relationships etc. Why do I ask these things, I ask them because they will have an impact on what is going on or what is happening might be a direct result of it. You might not have protected yourself fully when you did a working (not necessarily dark art), you might be living a very negative existence or choose to stay in a toxic relationship. These things are what these entities feed on. This is what harbors them and gives them the energy to exist and stay.

Just recently, I advised someone of what crystals to get to protect her house from what some kids are playing with, knowing that telling kids “NO”, never truly works lol.. So we have talked about intent, gathered the crystals with the correct purpose. Now doing protection, never just work on keeping things out, also work on the individuals needs in the house. I will get you to crystal grid your house with the correct intent, but I will also get you to lay crystals under each mattress for individual protection and healing. If there is a specific individual issue with one person in the house, the same will apply, but that person will also have a piece of jewelry or a crystal to keep on their person, girls down the bra, boys in their pocket, or a bracelet or necklace work well.

So you can see what I mean by layering, the stronger you want it, layer it the most, take your time, dont rush things, even if I tell you to say visualize a pyramid, yet you see a circle, all is good as long as its a sealed vision of light and the intent is the same, its all good! that’s just what you see and need, so its all good and correct as it is.

love and light


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