Start at the Beginning…

As with anything and everything we will do in life, there is a method to learning.

Small steps, make mistakes, dont expect everything to be perfect, self reflect on all of it, good and bad. Dont feel like you need to have all the nice stuff others have.. all of them started out with little to nothing at some point as well.

So use that butter knife as an athame, stick from the garden as a wand, salt from your household salt. Slowly as time, money and guidance allows, the right ones will fall into your hand at the most opportune moment.

My longest was a year, I saw the most magnificent short sword at the local medieval fayre. I didn’t have enough cash, the knife sung to me, holding it felt like home, putting it back felt like absolute hell, hand burning, itchy palm and more, it felt like it was still in my hand for hours afterwards. A year later, I go back and low and behold there it was again.. I didn’t hold back, straight away. purchased and carried it around like gold for the rest of the day.

Know that besides all the glossy bling of jewelry emblems, crystals, tools of the trade.. it all comes back to one thing.. and this one thing is there for you at the beginning, middle and end.

Power. now when I say this word, people always think with ego and go yes, power give me it all.. ah ah! nope! The power I speak of is the power that is in you, the power that you will learn to focus, trust in and use for good.

How to access that power. There are many different ways to access it, belief is the first part, belief in the power, belief in yourself, belief in what you are seeing or hearing around you.

Meditation. is always one of the first places to go.. there are many types of meditation tho.. people need to find out what suits them best, whether its quiet they need, or music, guided meditation, yogic meditations? Seek what is right for you..research! (protect yourself first! refer to earlier posts for information and advice)

Balance. balance.. the hardest to attain and the hardest to explain. now.. being in balance can mean so many different things to so many people.. it can mean diet, physical balance, balancing a plate.. for me and in this context, it is about balance spiritually, balanced thoughts, balanced feelings.

These three things will help you balance your inner self enough to focus on what needs to be done and to cope with what daily life gives you. Now I might preach these words but like you and everyone else in this world I am fallible, I am still pulling myself up, reflecting and then changing it as I need to.. we are not perfect, so dont be too hard on yourselves, only be hard on yourself if you are not trying.

Ground. Whenever you are doing power work, work on yourself, healing, magik, anything.. ground well afterwards, be prepared, if you get shaky, teeth start chattering, pale, you need to have something to eat, get rugged up, pull your toes into the earth, if you are struggling, have someone close by who is very good at grounding and allow them to assist you, to bring you back into balance. See your toes as roots going into mother earth and grabbing hold of the soil.. bring the light through your head, down through your feet and into the ground and then return it.. let it flow through you and clear and balance you out.

now basic advice..

– ask questions

– research much

– make your own choices

– dont be swayed by masses

– follow your instincts and first thoughts

– dont feel like everything has to be perfect or expensive

– working in the darkness, does not always mean bad things, it can mean that you accept and balance yourself to the fullest… as dark and light cannot live one without the other. there is peace and harmony in both, its the intent above all that counts.

– as with anything you will get differing opinions all around.. hear them, understand them, then determine which has value to you the most.

meditate meditate meditate.. balance balance balance.. ground ground ground above everything..

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