Binding and its issues…..

Binding has what I believe are big issues..Just as love spells..

You will never ever find me doing either of the above.

Why? because they are fallible spells and if you do it wrong you are then stuck with

the repercussions indefinitely.

Binding, when you bind instead of protecting yourself from the person you are binding, you are actually making the connection stronger and more solid. I saw a spell recently that involved putting the connection on ice in your freezer. OMG! so that person is then connected to you through that ice-block indefinitely…

See its all about energies and balance. Why would you give that person A. a connection to you indefinitely B. energy and energetic connection they dont deserve C. waste oxygen and time on them at all

So, you protect, dont bind, every time you find yourself giving that person energy of thought, grab that thought from your head and toss it away. Wish them all the universe and karma have to offer. Release it, dont tie it too you.

Now love spells… There is absolutely no way you can make someone love you.

You can also never know enough about the person, so that if you do a spell to tie them too you in a relationship, then they turn out to be a partner basher or a person who is not motivated to be a team player in the relationship. Your stuffed. Another thing that can come up, is that you tie this person too you with your spell and you both end up absolutely miserable.

Stop looking for short cuts, even tho its human nature, its something we should learn about ourselves, and not do it period.