What are familiars?

They are animals that come into our lives as either friends, totems, messengers….

For some they might be the humble cat, for others, they range from dogs to horses and farm animals.

Each animal will have a descriptive meaning about showing itself to you. Or you might have a lesson to learn about having that wonderful creature in your life for the time it is with you.

Don’t hold and own what is not yours…

Now what do I mean by this…

That grief that you feel from another, sadness, lethargy, draining feeling, fuzzy in the head, just really not yourself, but you know it’s not yours?

Cut it off! Ground, cleanse, cut the string in your mind, that is giving you those feelings and sensations, then shield yourself…

These things are not yours, not only is it unhealthy for you, it’s not your fight or feeling to have. This is your empathy and psychic connection being open.