Responsiblities as Healers and Openers of Doors….

Not really sure that’s the best title.. but its descriptive of what is going through my head.

We see so many people trying to open up and some even getting assistance to open the door to what we want most, peace and connection to spirit.

In my very first post on this blog, I spoke about how to protect yourself, from those who will not do the right thing. We ourselves are imperfect so we will still make mistakes, we will still leave ourselves vulnerable, even with all the information available to us.

So.. the point of this post…

If you as a practitioner who chooses to do healing’s and openings (opening someones chakras and third eye up), you have a responsibility of care, not just during the process itself, but afterwards. Which is why its called ‘Aftercare’

Don’t go getting shitty at a client who is floundering and in great stress after you have worked on them, it is your responsibility to provide aftercare and advice for what you have created.

Ask the client more questions and details to find out what is going on, NEVER EVER OPEN SOMEONE TOTALLY ALL AT ONCE THEN LEAVE THEM VULNERABLE! Open them a step at a time, filtering them as you go.

These people are having to try and live with the changes you have given them, even if it is their choice, its still your responsibility to follow up with care.

Second point to this post, no matter whether you come from light or not, never ever deal with anything that is in another’s house, space or person without permission. This has happened and will unbalance the order it was in, in the first place.

so much of what we do is about balance. Light cannot be without darkness and darkness cannot be without light. When we say darkness it does not mean doing bad things, it means that you can embrace it, use it wisely, with grace and power, if it is ever needed to combat the bad stuff (demons etc)

Even Archangels carry swords! Why do you think that is.. its because there are times, where they must defend using all their might and power.

I know I have been a bit quiet, I burnt myself out at work and have been ill.. hopefully I will be a little more active in here again.

I am still trying to think about the best way to pass on information about crystals, elements, layering of protection and more to you, so please be patient.



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