House and Personal Clearings…

I seem to be doing this a bit lately, be it in person or through energetic connection.

In person I just recently dealt with a very nasty attachement to a person, while I have managed to get it off of this person, it is still around and causing trouble. It is being kept there by negative behaviours and activities such as fighting with family.

Now I’m not going to put here what I did to try and help get rid of this attachment, it’s not for people who don’t understand it and can be dangerous.

Having my house protected as I have put in my very first blog post is what keeps them from coming home with me.

I have done personal clearings and healings on people as well, whether a it’s from this body, their psychic body or past life. I will be doing a reiki session on them and in my mind will see old wounds and injuries. I will them heal them as I am there seeing them. These can manifest in people in different ways. For me myself I have immense trouble with anything over my mouth or around my neck.

Soon I shall be checking out a house that someone’s grandad passed away in. They are finding the house very oppressive and difficult to live in, as I was being spoken to about this, I instantly felt grumpy old man in my head. So what I think this might be is going to a be one of two things a crossing over or a simple clearing of the space so that the family can move on.

Now what are attachments, they are a bit hard to describe, they can be malicious things big or small, they can effect your health, state of mind, in one case they are attacking the person in their sleep, taking their clothes off, throwing things around the room and more.

Again not everyone believes in these things. That is up to the individual.


Not sure why this one is the one that relieves the writers block.

Death is many things to many people, besides the fact that we will all die at some point, a common factor is fear.

So what is it that we fear and what has that to do with this blog.

Everything I suppose, we fear death itself, because we do not know what is next or is there a next. We fear dieing horribly, be it murder, accident, health issue, age or in horrific pain.

Why do we embrace life so frantically? Why do we want absolutely everything to live and survive even if that choice really isn’t what is best.

Reality is no matter what, there is birth, life and death. It is all completely inevitable.

So I won’t go on saying you should do this and you should do that, as that is your choice, your life and your journey.

I will say that for me, giving a being a humane end by putting every feeling, worry and emotion last, is what is all about being the best human being possible. It’s is having compassion
And complete empathy being able to thing of the other before yourself to the absolute fullest degree. The degree of letting go.

There is no better place than in the next world for those that are troubled, ill, traumatised or more.

No that brings me to what is after here and now. This is hard for many to deal with, so again this is purely my experiences and my journey what you take from it is your own.

I was given an incredible gift by my grandfather as he passed over. I was in a meditation class at the time, I knew my grandfather was in hospice and not long for this world, but I had no idea he was leaving us that day. While in meditation, in my mind I am in a garden, I am on my garden bench with two of my guardians near by, I hear my guardians say over and over ‘peace’ then I hear the fish in my pond in this garden singing the same.

Suddenly a light shines behind me, I see my grandfather there, a door of light opens behind him, my great grandfather steps through, smiles at us both, grandad says nothing but smiles and waves going through the door with my great grandfather.

On waking I failed to checks phone but I did check the time on the clock 2pm.

Several hours later after much conversation and a few tears, we had finished and I checked my phone to see missed calls. I knew! I quietly freaked out, asked for one of my friends to stand with me while I called. I got my step dad, he confirmed he was gone, then I told him I knew and what time it was. He confirmed it again.

He was at peace……

So yes there is more, there is a beyond, it’s not the end…

Blessed be