Well what is witchcraft.. unbeknown to most.. we don’t eat babies, we don’t call Satan in, we don’t hex people, we don’t have warts on our noses and the one time I went into a catholic church to support a young friend in her Holy Communion, I didn’t get struck down by lightening, tho I am sure the bishop there that day was waiting hahahahaha. He made sure he introduced himself to me, asked where I was from and why I was there, then eyeballed me the entire service.

Witchcraft in simple terms is what many would say is a nature based religion and yes it is. It encompasses everything, nature, animal, energy, spirit, the whole kit and kaboodle.

You will hear us talk about tools of the trade, the Athame, crystals, incense, herbs, oils, candles, colours, wands and yes cauldrons. There are so many elements to this both tangible and non tangible, when I say non tangible, that would be our deities, the god and goddess, our elements (earth, air, fire, water, east, west, south, north) angels and much much more.

These tools are used in many ways, when people see the Athame, they see a knife, be it big or small and think OMG! as you do, cos to be honest knives of all sizes are intimidating, they can cause harm. In our case this knife is the element of the god, it is what we caste, open and close our circle with. Around that circle will be, incense, crystals, candles, salt, water and such, these will generally represent and correspond with earth, air, fire and water. When we are doing a spell or what we sometimes call a working for a specific subject i.e. protection, healing etc. We will then select more elements and tools that have a specific meaning to that purpose.

For example, for protection, I will caste my circle, have the crystals and other tools I need for protection. I will then caste the spell over those tools and crystals, then I send or give them to the person, they will then follow my instructions on placement of these things, right down to what is in their mind as they place them. Then we sit back and wait. We do nothing else!! Then I get feed back.

One time I sent some crystals and instructions with a friend at her sisters request. It was for the sister. She and her child needed protection and a resolution with their husband and father. Not two weeks later, I got the feed back, they were safe and well and husband was on track, getting counseling and they were moving forward as a family.

Just recently housemate started having bad re occurring dreams of someone about to attack her. I worked an Apache Tear Arrowhead for her, I cleansed, charged it, then set its purpose for protection. In her dreams this person came in to attack her, she had protectors around here but it wasn’t till I stepped into the dream and she pointed the arrowhead, that this person vanished. Three days later, on this plain, in the human realm, it has played out, with her being well protected and safe.

so that was just a little bit about what I do, how I do it and what it means.

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