Ego has no place in spirituality……

hmmm Ego.. why did this one come up.. well a couple of reasons, a friend suggested it, I constantly see it and self reflect to make sure I try not to have ego, as its counter productive.

This is and always will be a lifelong battle with anyone. The gift is to look for, know it and adjust to remove it. Even now just writing in here and what I have so far, even tho I am just sharing my experiences, it sometimes feels like ego. So then I have to check myself and see if there was anything I can do to change it or does it even need to change.

Now what does ego have to do with spirituality, lots unfortunately, there is ego, then there is confidence, the two when you really get close to them are worlds apart, but sitting back outside they can sometimes look similar.

Ego is thinking you have done it all and know it all, when in life no matter how old we get, we still learn. Till I take my dieing breath, I will learn something new even as I take it. Ego is thinking, we are there, thinking that we are all encompassing, thinking we know all there is to know, thinking that we cannot learn from anyone whether that person knows or doesn’t know what they are talking about. Ego is dismissing others experiences and knowledge. Ego is locking yourself to one single path, experience, thought pattern.

You see being a human we are fallible, we make mistakes constantly and by learning from our and their mistakes is what will help us grow and be better people as humans and as spiritualists. Keeping in mind, the first time its a mistake, after that every time its a choice.

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