Energies and attachments…

Getting into what my loving teen son calls mumbo jumbo shit! So if you do not wish to read about what is out there all around us, then please stop reading… Subjects will be ghosts, attachments, demons and the likes.

Ok, what I will speak of, is purely what I have had happen to me or others that I have helped and in no way is a broad statement saying that this is happening to everyone.

Firstly, I believe that energy is in everything, that we are on a different plain to the higher energies. As most say a lower frequency. We can connect with these things by opening ourselves through meditation to find our way there. Now saying this about meditation does not mean that it’s “oh I will meditate and get all the answers”, it takes time and effort and it’s not for us all.

I was blessed once with the greatest gift a person could ever have, I got to witness my grandfather crossing over. Now when people say “oh I can’t meditate because they can’t clear their minds”, it’s because that is the first mistake to meditation, you don’t clear your mind, you REFOCUS it.

For me, in my mind I will walk down a path to a very large well protected hedge, now when I say well protected I mean as I stated in my first blog post, you are open and vulnerable in this state. In my mind I see my wand or athame in my hand and open a door in the hedge. I step in and close it. Looking around to my left is a snow gum, slightly to the right is a garden bed and a bench near it, then further around a koi pond and gazebo, directly at the back of the garden attached to the hedge is a church, in the church is seating and behind the altar is three doors, left to right, past, present, future….

In this garden so far I have met guides, totems, healed and been witness to my grandfather crossing over, now I state this with clear clarity and certainly for several reasons. I am a sceptic, I will look at all other possibles before I come to this conclusion.

That day I was meditating at a group I was attending, I would check my phone, go into meditation, then when it was over just before we talked about what we saw, I would check the phone again….this day I didn’t check the phone. I didn’t get to it till hours later when I got hold of my wonderful step dad, he said he was gone, I then asked him what time and proceeded to loose the plot a little as that was the exact time I was meditating and saw him cross.

Further validation from my grandfather came in the guise is the smell of the old super fuel.. Lol weird I know, but he was a mechanic and loved tinkering and always in my younger years smelled of the old super fuel, now this smell was in my room in my closed house and it’s a smell that doesn’t exist any more…I sat back and thought, no it can’t be, then blow me down the smoke alarm beeped twice! Hasn’t done it before and hasn’t done it since… Validation again…

So do they exist, is what we see true? Some believe so completely and some do not. As with everything we have extremes, those who encompass it warts and all and those who live in what I call the blow the fairies up the bum brigade. Both of these things are dangerous and unbalanced. Now when I say unbalanced I don’t mean in the case of fruit cakes, but in the case of they are too far to one side and being either way leaves them to vulnerable to things like attachments and the likes.

To put a few of my experiences out there….

Level three demon, attached itself to a lady who was not protected enough, so when this person read a lady who is in a bad way, this entity decided that the game was on.. I was asked for assistance through a third person and with the aid if just a picture have dealt with the beast…. I will not go into specifics of what I do to deal with it as its not for the light of heart and you need a certain level of strength to deal with them.

I learnt to deal with these creatures when I opened a door while working with a wonderful group of like minded ladies. The reaction from that side of the fence and the ability to see and deal with them increased dramatically when all our energies where one. When we got together there were watchers, I could step in my mind to the next plain to see at least three watching me at all times. I once went out it my car and on opening the front door to re enter, I heard a very low nasty growling, there was nothing physically there and totally unexpected by me. It was what we call a demon dog.

I have lately helped a couple of children at the parents request, they have gone from sleeping very well to not sleeping properly at all, one young girl I attended to twice, the first I dealt with an entity and left a little boy ghost who she plays with there, with strict mother instructions to not wake her only play during awake time. I returned to her again after another entity came to her, a smelly man, again with just a photo I tuned in and dealt with it. While there I realized that the little one was completely open to everything and at such a young age she needed more peace till she is old enough to understand and decide for herself, so I have closed what I call her lotus flower on top of her head… So far so good!

Just last week I had to deal with another nasty critter, this time a demon of a sexual nature, he was attacking a 15 year old in her sleep leaving bruises… He too is now gone…

Now while I have pointed out the nasty arse stuff as an example, there is just as much good stuff out there too, they are family, loved ones, children, our guides and totems, who help us in some way every single day, with choices, safety and more.

So, they are here, they do not always explain everything, but it’s a possibility, I will always recommend seeing a doctor, changing environment or routine…. Process of elimination least to highest with spirit and demon being the highest.

relevant link about spiritual attachments

Now I am really putting myself out here and some might say I need to be sectioned by the doctors lol but I think most of you know me we’ll enough too know this is not the case…

Now some good stuff lol, energy work and healing… This can be done I person or from a distance, to date I have helped with healing as far away as New South Wales. It’s purely energy work! I am not a doctor, I can not do miraculous stuff, what I can do is clear and energize chakras and auras, resolve and heal past life injuries, see and remove attachments that sometimes cause us harm. Keeping in mind I can get rid of these things but only you can keep them away thoroughly, by living a balanced and safe life as well as you can without inviting them in.

Some people do invite entities into their bodies, for example channelers, I personally have never tried and am not sure I ever will, but I have experienced channeling in person and the use of ouija boards… The channeler was extremely interesting and the voices and changes impossible to fake, the ouija, was different, but it was a time when I started to learn just how strong my power is, when I can block a ouija board and a psychic medium from getting anything, it’s a sign..

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