The Difference “IT” Can Make…..

“The main cause of our unhappiness is never the situation itself, but our thoughts about it” ―Eckhart Tolle


But what is “IT”? IT is, balance – psychically, mentally…Fitting into a house….Karmic and Spiritual protection.


Conversation with housemate has been about what “IT” and what “IT” means, that shifting just one town over to my house,

turned her life around.  When I say turned her life around, she has gone from karmic tidal waves, financial crisis one

after the other and very little work. To now having a full work week, almost financially stable and smoothed out karma.

Spiritual and physical tension is releasing and physically in herself she feels and looks better.


We have many in depth conversations about spirituality, balance, thought patterns, karmic repercussions from current

and past.


This is all very relevant to each individual, its not something you can say is a one for all. I remember as a child dreaming

about a stunning old building, white inside, a great painting of a white horse with its rider up one end over an entryway.

Years after when I developed my passion for horses, I spotted an article on the Riding School of Vienna and wow, it was

exactly as I saw in the dream and in my heart it felt like I had been there before. This is our validation that we have been

here before. Just recently there have been articles of children remembering past lives, one actually pointed out the man

that had killed him years before, then when the man didn’t confess, the child showed the police where his body was

and where the weapon was, then the man confessed to the murder. It can and does happen.


So with this surely comes karma from the past. Then there is karma from our current lives. Small karma from the white

lies, Big karma from wishing someone harm or in some cases even making the harm happen. So what do we do with this

knowledge.  My housemate and I came to a conclusion.


Karma is not ours to serve or will on anyone. Find peace in yourself, hand it to the universe and mother Goddess and let

them deal with it as they see fit. By doing this two things happen. You relieve yourself of karmic recourse and you relieve

yourself of any pressure that you would have hanging onto the situation.  People have trouble letting things go, they

want to chase things down, hang on to them, rage and rant and make sure everyone hears.  But what they are actually

doing is giving the situation and the person, energy they don’t deserve and binding themselves to the person and situation

for longer.


People will go hogwash on karma and generally this is because they have been awash with what they think is bad luck.

Well it might be back luck, that stuff is not all about karma, two other things come into play, luck and choices.  I had one

friend who just could not miss a trick, everything that could happen to her did.  But you know what, everything that I saw

happen to her, I could bring back to her choices, her choice to smoke marijuana every waking moment of every day, then

she drove her car and so on. This one was choices pure and simple.


All of this also flows into life’s lessons, but that might be a post in itself.  Heavy three days ahead at work so I might not get

to the next one till Saturday Western Australia time. I will try and keep a flow of connection with posts and in between time

give off more info of general spirit or witch information.


Blessed Be


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