Psychic Protection…..

I decided to start this blog, as I seemed to be doing a lot of fixing for people who have opened themselves up unsafely.

There have been cases of children not sleeping, parents not coping, weird odors, waking up with bruising and injuries,

reoccur-ant night mares, things moving, things missing, seeing dark shapes etc. From asking those people details, much

of the below has come to the forefront of discussion.

Unsafe practices are –

* opening yourself without sufficient protection

* allowing a reading from someone without knowing if the person practices good psychic hygiene (will touch on this further down)

* Leaving yourself open at all times without a filter

* Letting your emotions run your life and thought processes

* allowing someone to connect to your energy without psychic hygiene

* allowing others to control how you feel and react

* making sure no one is ill on either side of the reading

What is Psychic Hygiene?

This is something every psychic practitioner should do, Its a bit like Personal Protection Protocols in hospitals, the washing of the hands so that we don’t get cross contamination, it is very much the same with energy connections.

Anyone who has connected to another should first and foremost have their own protection up thoroughly. The more Layers, the better the protection! Simple white light is simply not enough, my house alone, has layers of protection.

I have crystal gridded the property, then I have my witches bottles, crystal gridded the house, then my room where I work also has a grid. I also have other protections set up on the other plain. The more layers, the more balance and grounding, the better protected you are.

What are attachments?

These are creatures or entities who have connected to a place, person or object. They are not necessarily nasty,

but can be int-eruptive to a persons life, distressing to some, nasty to others and sometimes even physical.

So what can you do?

I will try and make it as simple as possible and not to hard to find resources.

First I grid the house, I do a salt around the property.

Grid tools – (crystals must be cleansed and charged under the full moon)

crystals of Tiger eye, snowflake obsidian and a rose quartz. Rose quarts in the middle of the house, whether under it or in the roof, split the rest and place them at all points of the property, push them underground, make sure your intent is clear and strong while pushing them under.

then I do the same with the house, just no salt..

bedroom, grid again, I like to use hematite in each corner of the bedroom and Lapis in the windows. The bedroom has also been smudged with white sage, frankincense, myrrh.

Personal Psychic Hygiene

Before I start, I will shower using Dragons-blood Soap, coat myself in my mind with a completely sealed gold armor. I am in my protected space, if I am out in the open and decide to open myself out there, I have a set group of crystals in my bag that I will use to create that space around me, imagining the pentacle and circle up above and below.

So you have done a reading on someone, what now?

Disconnect!!! cut the gold thread to that energy, cleanse yourself of it all, ground and send it into the earth or out the lotus flower on the top of your head and release it… Now I have mentioned the lotus flower, this is your door to the universe, this is your open, close and filter, you can open it to work, leave it lightly closed to filter what is coming and going through it, you can close it down.

What questions can you ask someone who you wish to do a reading for you?

There are a couple of things to be mindful of when you ask for healings or readings. Ask questions!


*  How do they protect themselves?

*  How do they Cleanse?

*  How do they disconnect and when?

*  Are they well enough to do a reading?

* Do they take any sort of drugs?

* Have they had any alcohol?

* Are they currently ill?

If yes to either of the last three, run a mile!

Keep in mind always, that if they cannot answer these questions happily and calmly, then they are working in and with EGO!

EGO has no place in this work ever! Ego keeps us stuck, sour, unmoving and inflexible.

Grounding and Balance

These are so important!! I can not state this part seriously enough, if you are not balanced and grounded you are

in serious trouble. Balance is light and dark, yin and yang, do and don’t, come and go, all of these things cannot live without

the other.  Embrace it all.. just because you are embracing the dark with the light, does not mean you are being oppressive

nasty or malicious, it just means that you are willing to be as completely balanced as possible and that if you need to take

yourself to the dark defensively for protection, you can.

Grounding exercise –

Sitting in a comfortable chair or laying down if that fits for you. See your toes moving like roots into the earth and latching

on and into the earth, open your lotus flower to and filter energy (don’t just flip it open!) from the top of your head down

through your feet into the earth and back up again, flow it through over and over again. If you feel light headed, slow the

flow and ease it back in. A good test of how grounded you are, is to shut your eyes, start your grounding, you will feel

yourself sway, if you have trouble holding your feet, your not solid enough in your grounding. Practice, practice, practice.


Now in all of this, if you have been told or are suspicious that you are not well, have an attachment or are not in a good frame of mind…. STOP EVERYTHING!!! (except grounding) do not read, heal or connect with anyone,  you risk anyone whose energy you touch, you mold and exchange energy and are then infecting those whose energy you touch!!!

2 thoughts on “Psychic Protection…..

    • physically you have to be not sick, mentally, you have to be as stable as possible so that you are balanced and level headed, emotionally you have to be controlled, you cannot read another person while you carry anger, fear, revenge etc. When you connect with someone you connect on every level and you both transfer one to the other, which is why the last couple of Reiki treatments have left me sick at certain parts of their bodies, where they are carrying either illness or spiritual blockages.


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